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Are you a diving enthusiast who wants to discover charming coral reefs and magnificent tiny little creatures that inhabit the ocean deep under, beneath the ocean surface? Then Sri Lanka will be one of your favourite destinations on the planet.Being gifted with the best coastal territories suitable for diving here in Sri Lanka we could offer you an unmatched scuba diving experience. However, all this would be possible only if you go forth under the proper guidance of a local expert. That’s where we play a huge role. We at Densil Travels will ensure that everything necessary will be taken care of in order to guide you better. We will take you to the best diving locations in the country!


Nothing will be more fun than exploring beneath the ocean to discover the unseen beauty and swimming with those creatures. We at Densil Travels know the most popular destinations that would ensure you get some of the most breathtaking snorkelling experiences in the country. Hikkaduwa, Weligama Kirinda are a few of the most popular destinations here!


West coast of Sri Lanka boasts of an abundance of fish. Particularly when it comes to Negombo you should never miss out on this opportunity to go for some recreational fishing experience. Fishing can be mostly for those who have much time to spend in the country and for those who really love catching fish. Not to mention you must ensure to take all the necessary fishing tools with you if you are ever to embark on this experience which otherwise would only make you feel regret of fish not being caught and you being disappointed.  We acknowledge this fact and we can offer you our local guiding expertise for an unforgettable experience that you will keep sharing with your friends when you go back to your homeland!


Sri Lanka has some of the world’s ideal locations for windsurfing mostly for the fact that we are a tropical island and can not get enough of the wind! One of the advantages of windsurfing here is that it is surfers do not need to wear protective clothing like they have to wear to other destinations around the world. This is because we are a tropical island. Negombo lagoon, Trincomalee, and Bentota are some of the most popular sites. Another plus point of windsurfing here is that local tour operators offer services at very affordable rates making it even more worthwhile. Densil Travels can make this even more advantageous for you!


Being ideally located with enabling kiteboarding fans makes Sri Lanka one of the most popular destinations around the planet. However, you will need proper guidance when it comes to adventurous activities that involve an element of risk. We at Densil Travels will ensure that you will get the most of out kiteboarding and take back home nothing but wonderful memories to reminiscence.

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